RunawayTrain Productions produces more award winners for AJA

2010 Telly Award Winner

2010 Telly Award Winner

June 23, 2010

Grass Valley, CA (June 23, 2010) — AJA is honored to report that four of the company’s promotional videos have been recognized with 2010 Telly Awards.

The Telly Awards honor the best local, regional, and cable television commercials and programs, as well as the finest video and film productions, and work created for the web. The four pieces, produced and directed by AJA, shot by Val Camp and OffHollywood, and posted by Runawaytrain Productions, LTD, were recognized in both the Agency Work and Sales categories:

Nabbing the top 2010 Silver Telly Award were:

AJA was also recognized with a 2010 Bronze Telly Award in the Sales Category for the AJA Ki Pro and Apple video.

Other recent awards garnered by RunawayTrain Productions include:


Runawaytrain Productions, LTD.
AJA Video Systems Inc. AJA NAB 2010 Show Reel      -Production Co./Ad Agency Demo Reel

Runawaytrain Productions, LTD.
AJA Video Systems Inc. AJA IoExpress Product Launch   –  Sales
2010 Bronze Telly Award

Runawaytrain Productions, LTD.
AJA Video Systems Inc. AJA KiPro And Apple Inc.    -Sales
2010 Silver Telly Award
Takeda Entertainment, Inc
Buick GMC Show Open     -Corporate Image

Sales Tools for Corporations

Hudspeth and Associates

RunawayTrain Productions in Denver, Colorado has been contracted by Hudspeth and Associates Inc., to develop a new series of capabilities briefs for its sales team. The primary assets will be developed using PowerPoint embedded with video elements, as well as a printed “leave behind” to provide the H&A sales force a cohesive branded message that is informative and memorable.

Rob Levitt, president of Hudspeth and Associates was named Ernst and Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” in the Rocky Mountain Region in 2009. Levitt was aware of RunawayTrain’s reputation for solid creative and high production values. “We had used RunawayTrain Productions for our brochure and web design and they exceeded our expectations, so when we decided we needed a capabilities brief presentation we knew who to call.”

“For years we had been developing our own marketing materials including our PowerPoint presentations, but after the positive response from our brochure and web design, we felt it was time to refresh all our collateral, and refine the brand” Levitt continues. Having a sales tool with a consistent, focused message helps our sales force communicate more effectively and ultimately close more business.”

The presentations are designed in a modular fashion enabling sales reps to easily tailor their message to a specific prospect without re-writing or “designing” their own slides.  Hudspeth envisions two base presentations one for public and one for private sales pitches, with optional slides and background templates, graphs and charts within the brand specifications.

“RunawayTrain Productions is primarily known for concept to completion video production services, but in this case PowerPoint was the right solution”, says Natisha Walton Vice President and Executive Producer. “Our goal is to create solutions that serve our clients’ needs, regardless of the deliverable. Sure, it’s PowerPoint, but we’ll make it sing”

Founded in 1999, Hudspeth & Associates, Inc. in Englewood, Colorado specializes in abatement services, general construction services and environmental remediation. This Small Business and GSA Schedule holder company is leading the way in general construction and remediation throughout the western United States.

After the capabilities briefs are distributed to the sales team, H&A plans a brand refresh including, a logo update, a design standards toolkit and a video production focused on H&A’s innovation and dedication in safety procedures.